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learning to dance in the rain

“Life’s not about waiting for the storm to pass,

It’s about learning to dance in the rain”

This quote rings so true to me, it was the wake up call that I needed, and the inspiration that has molded what this blog is based on. I don’t like the word blog, but I guess that’s the modern way of describing a collection of thoughts, ideas, a documented journey, (online, in order for others to share in the experience/lessons/adventure).

Learning to dance in the rain has become my focus.

From the literal meaning of getting totally emersed in the moment. Standing outside when everyone advises you not to, letting your hair down, getting your hair wet and not letting the damp inhibit you because ‘what’s my HAIR going to look like after this impulsive moment of freedom’ to figuratively making the most of a situation that is not ideal, is not how you ‘planned it would be’, that could lock you up, break your heart and rain on your spirit.

The lesson for me is realizing that life is about learning. Shifting the mindset so as not to take it all too personally, and as Life’s student, rolling with the punches and knowing ‘when I get through this, I can get through anything!’ It’s about being grateful for the tough times, because you’re growing and trusting in that Divine power that links us all together.

It’s so much easier said than done, trust me, this is my battle that I am sharing with you and by no means preaching ‘the answers’, I would like to share with you my tools – coping mechanisms that have kept me from being tied up in a white padded room.

I find I am at my best when I take myself OUT of myself and be an observer looking in, with love, objectively, like your angels would do. I see my life as a whole. I see the journey so far of where I have been and where I find myself now, how far I have come, or how far I haven’t come (which can be a slap in the face). I see what has shaped me, what I have done to make myself proud, the risks that nearly killed me with fear followed by the reward that is so sweet the high lasted for months/even years. I can weigh up my blessings and therefore accept the disappointments (because who I am to expect this to be easy and how unchallenged would my soul be if everything went my way).

By looking at yourself from this perspective you can also see the signs you missed and therefore, why you are sitting lost and insecure… Now’s the time to accept it and CORRECT it.

The warmth that fills you up for a moment when you do this, is the comfort you hold onto during the raging storm when life becomes (for a little while) out of your control.

Some call is faith.  Call it what you want. Call it what rings true to you. And if you don’t want to label it, don’t. Just be with the knowledge that although you may just want to dissolve, that inner voice will keep nudging you
‘Dance through it.
These are life’s lessons’


this is my prayer

Lord give me grace and dancing feet And the power to impress

Lord give me grace and dancing feet

Let me outshine the moon

Is it so wrong to crave recognition? Second best, runner-up

Is it so wrong to want rewarding?

To want more than is given to you? Than is given to you

Tonight make me unstoppable

And I will charm, I will slice I will dazzle them with my wit

Tonight make me unstoppable

And I will charm, I will slice I will dazzle,

I will outshine them all

– The Prayer Bloc Party


This is my prayer.

What is yours?