Archive | February 2014

In too deep

In too deep
A love that gives me wings but cuts me off at the knees
So I have no other choice, but to fly

In too deep
Not even a whisper of the words I want to hear
But the look in your eyes tells the story I’m longing for

In too deep
Whether I end it now
Or in the coming weeks
The pain will be the same
(But perhaps the hope will keep me sane)

If this wasn’t the beginning of my happy ending
Then why did you come into my life?
Why did you literally walk through my doors,
See into my soul
And feel it too?

In too deep
My head is screaming no
And my heart is singing go go go

An unravelling list of “what ifs”
Unanswered questions of destiny and hope
Someone tell me why it has to be so hard
Why I have to feel so much

Who are you and where do you come from
My summer time sadness
And ecstasy of unexpected, doomed love?

In too deep
A love that takes my breath away
And takes the life out of me too

In too deep
You fill my heart
You are my nightmare

You drain my soul
You are my dream come true