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I choose to dance

This time last year I was on my way to Italy
I’ve learnt that my courage is simply a love affair with the unknown
And saying yes now and thinking about the finer details later is the best way of manifesting magic in your world

This time last year I was running from and toward something
This place was too small for me to contain myself in
But today I’m more in love with my city than I ever was

I look around and I see change and possibility


I don’t fear the unknown

I trust in it
Because its only treated me with love thus far
Even when it had to be cruel to be kind

I see things that will never stay the same
I see things that will never change

I accept that this moment is as it should be
Because the whole universe is as it should be
And resisting this moment is struggling against the entire universe
And that’s not wise
And a battle I will never win

I see a life I can either choose to crawl, walk or dance through

I choose to dance


don’t jinx it.

a very big part of me knew this day would come,

the day when the penny would drop
and would clarify the reason why nothing ever worked
and no one ever really fit
before now

that “this was waiting for me all along

“it was always gonna happen this way,

all you needed is what you gave it,


a little faith and a touch of cynicism”

atleast, that’s what the voice in my head says
and what a clever little voice it is


based on past disappointments
I’m actually not capable of giving myself up too easily anymore, but its good this way.

A dash of caution with a sprinkle of scepticism never hurt anyone, I’ve learnt.


Little Miss “I came in like a wrecking ball” had her time to shine
and crash.
and burn.

but now Little Miss “Quietly-confident” is having her day in the sun


so let me do just that, for now,
be quietly confident…
let this (what feels a lot like magic) unfold.


this is me being quietly confident. let’s not jinx it.